Balinese Massage featured in Forbes

Balinese Massage featured in Forbes

Sorting between the trending youngest billionaires and the most notable newcomers of 2016, there's an exciting Forbes article that had us at JAMU Organic Spa Rituals light up like children at Christmas featuring Balinese massage, of course! Meggen Taylor, a contributor of Forbes, eloquently described her utopian vacation experiences in a piece titled Little Palm Island: The Ultimate Private Island Destination for Romance posted on August 31, 2016.

Excerpt from Little Palm Island: The Ultimate Private Island Destination for Romance: ..."One of my favorite parts of the trip was a visit to the resort’s Spa Terre, where my husband officially expanded his spa horizons and stepped outside of his typical massage selection. We chose one the resort’s signature couples treatments, the Javanese Royal Treatment where our service began with a Balinese massage with Jasmine scented flower oil, followed by a rice and turmeric body scrub then topped off by an application of warm yogurt that left our skin refreshed and moisturized from all of the sun exposure. After the yogurt was applied to our skin we were escorted to the shower and then were taken into a beautiful cabana so that we could soak in an exotic flower petal bath. After about 20 minutes of soaking in the tub a bell was rung signaling to us to put our robes back on and to head back to our treatment room for the last phase of our ritual where Jasmine scented lotion was applied to our bodies.

As a former massage therapist and aesthetician this was hands down the best massage and body ritual that I have ever had—and my standards are high. As far as my husband goes, he now loves body scrubs." -Meggen Taylor, Contributor for Forbes

Featured within a piece of her article, Meggen describes her experience with Balinese massage using our Jasmine Frangipani & Turmeric 'Javanese Lulur' tradition. Scents of Jasmine and Frangipani are chosen for romance rituals because of their aphrodisiac and healing qualities, making it perfect for the private island of romance's spa, Spa Terre.

Now if the mention of Balinese massage didn't excite us enough, the article also included a number of beautiful photos from her island experience including Spa Terre where we at JAMU Organic Spa Ritual's were beyond excited to spot our colorful 'Blessing Bath Salts' bottles perched perfectly within one of the treatment rooms. (see photo below)

I spy with my little eye...JAMU Organic Spa Ritual's Blessing Bath Salt bottles!

Now remember, with the help of JAMU Organic Spa Ritual's, you don't need a fancy, expensive spa (though they're a nice splurge when the opportunity presents itself!) can easily have that same spa experience at your very own casa! All you need is a couple of your favorite JAMU scented oils, scrubs and salts, a space with romantic low-lighting, and your lovely partner! Boom! It's that easy, a few easy ingredients and you've created your at home spa! Keep in mind JAMU Organic Spa Rituals likes to make things as easy as possibly for our beloved customers, so we've already created a 'Spa At Home' package, making for the perfect birthday, holiday, or a simple pick-me-up gift for your special partner! 

To read Meggen's full article about her Little Palm Island adventure, please click here.

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