Love Your Mother & Happy Hemp Earth Day April 22 2019

Sending love and global hello on this EARTH DAY!

Missed has been months since sending a newsletter, honestly, I have been in a 'season of healing & re-discovery'.

We are officially "empty nesters", Cary & I.
(parents whose children have moved away from home, *sigh) 
Perfect time to re-kindle interests, passions & purpose. 
Welcoming new energy and inspired with continued herbal healing with "first born Bali product baby" JAMU, our & some coolness on the horizon with CollierConcepts too ~ in this mommas' mind, plant based healing is making a come back ~ or are we just finding our way back to nature?

Whats happening and changing in your world these days? Quick biz updates below from JAMU & Colliers are below, love to hear from you!


Collier Concepts connects venues and vendors ( saving you time and money). We are researching ( read >>lab testing ), slathering & interviewing to find the best from mother earths' hemp derived CBD, seed to sale.

In March/April 2019,  enjoyed presenting CBD lectures & experiential education events, as well as sharing "CBD + Tea" at 'The Spa Buzz'.  Grateful to be chatting CBD & efficacy of plant based healing with many friends & colleagues in spa/retail/hospitality. This is a transformational and important time for people to support green beauty and blue beauty too!

What about Kim’s 'first born’ JAMU, a company founded in Bali in 1993? JAMU celebrates 26 years in 2019, indie, niche, holistic herbal body care staying true to Bali. Thank you all for your support over these years and into the future!

Indonesias' drug laws are among the strictest in SouthEast Asia, it would not honor traditions of ‘jamu’  to include CBD (the powerhouse homeostasis molecule derived from hemp & marijuana) nor other phytocannabinoids within JAMU bodycare products.




Moving onward, upward & future forward! 
Beyond excited to share this evolution with you.
Please be in touch 
love hearing from you! OR 

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CBD Healthy New Year & Holiday Cheer! December 10 2018

The close of 2018 marks 25 years of JAMU, WOW!
Thank you for your support over 25 years & cheers to 25+ more years of herbal healing!

What's next? After nurturing our children to adulthood, and growing an international product company, it is clear to my heart that the onward path is paved with product collaborations, education & events highlighting herbal healing with a variety of CBD, hemp & cannabis products. 

This will be happening via CollierConcepts (more info below). Plans for 2019 already in motion for supporting the best CBD products available, educational speaking engagements & TA DA..... #ExperientialEducation via CBD Lounges, curated by Kim Collier.
Stay tuned…so excited to share this with YOU and see you in 2019 and onward!

Love & joy to you and yours this beautiful holiday season & CBD Healthy New 2019!           
Blessings, herbal healing & deep peace.
In gratitude  ~ Kim x

PS: You will find me via these two websites from 2019 and onward!   |



CBD Beauty Buzz Webinar, happening December 10th! If you cannot join us live, you may listen at your leisure, program will be recorded and hosted via AMERICAN SPA.
Click for more information! 


Gifts of wellness for you on! Now through December 15th!


Stay tuned in 2019! CBD Lounge Experiences & Speaking/Educating at CBD Expos at 


Falling into Autumn with Purium! September 15 2018

We literally light up with our favorite Purium products! For the last 3 years, JAMU (and Blue Spas Inc and Collier Concepts) founders and operators, have been loving the uplifting results of using nutritional superfoods from Purium. With Purium's plant based products, we've felt the best we've ever felt, and in your 50's, that's a incredible win!

Purium goes back to the days before pesticides, chemicals and herbicides. They hold themselves to a standard that includes non-gmo, organic products that are free of artificial ingredients, fillers, hormones, or binders. Also, within their mission they have a 60-Day Unconditional Guarantee and are committed to education and sharing that knowledge with you. 

We are particularly crazy about the Purium 'Cleansing' line and not only love recommending it, but swear by it! In addition to Purium's nutritionals, they also offer a pure, premium, full spectrum CBD. CBD offers a wide range of medicinal and therapeutic benefits -- want to know more? Stay tuned! Next month's newsletter will be featuring 'Intro to CBD,' answering all the tough questions and offering ways to incorporate this herbal body product to your daily self-care ritual.

Using the code: Kim Collier - save yourself $50 on your next Purium purchase! Please feel free to personally reach out to me at for more information regarding Purium products and more personal testimonials!


Also, don't forget about The International Congress of Esthetics and Spa active lectures coming up! Speaking in Long Beach, CA (September 23rd through the 24th) and Miami, FL (October 28th through 29th) - join these active lectures, shining a light on the future of wellness and how to incorporate profitable and easy ways to include healthy options to guests and yourself! We would love to see you there! To receive 20% off your registration, use the code: Kim Collier.



In closing, HAPPY AUTUMN! Don't forget to mark your calendars to celebrate the Chinese Moon 
Festival (also referred to as the Mid-Autumn Festival) on September 24th! During this festive time, families come together to celebrate the harvest under a full moon. The holiday is all about giving thanks, for nature’s abundance and for joyful reunions with loved ones. So with the spirit of gratitude, let it touch the loved ones around us and remind us how incredibly blessed we are to experience the color change of our landscape and feel to brisk floating within the air we breath.

Spa Buzz Montana & Bali 2019 July 19 2018

Warm hello to all!

Its been a wonderful year thus far! We have been out and about, and all around, enjoying family, friends & outdoor fun!

Inviting you up to Montana too ~ XO


August 8-9 come on up to Montana! JAMU and Collier Concepts (launching August 2018) are co-hosting this wellness event in Big Sky Montana for spa owners and management (a few tables remaining for vendors).  Collier will be sharing Energy Medicine Yoga & Goat Yoga for all attendees (families welcome!)




Only through September 2018 on!
Enjoy history, traditions and culture of Balinese herbal healing combined with unique massage techniques of skin rolling, wringing and acupressure, all blended in an energizing massage experience unique to Bali, Indonesia. This course is designed for everyone, and for spa/wellness professionals our “practitioner package”  includes CE Class & DVD, Balinese foot soak bowl, JAMU retail and backbar products and free shipping: $372.50, perfect to spark your spa or practice with a touch of Bali! Or single online course priced at $120.00.




Enjoyed Bali with our youngest daughter, Kiara Asia this past March 2018. We had a most amazing time, and intention was to write and journal every day; but ahhhh.…that did not happen…..we lived, played and discovered beautiful Bali instead! Returning March 2019 for Spa Study Courses, Bali Spirit Yoga & Music Festival and the Balinese holiday of NYEPI (Balinese New Year and a day of total silence - it's divine!)  Look for upcoming promotions and be entered to win a week stay/accommodation in Bali March 2019! Please join our mailing list for updates.



Kim Collier
Founder, Educator & Practitioner
Spa & Wellness Ritual Designer
JAMU & Organic Spa Rituals

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JAMU Organic Spa Rituals Celebrates 25th Anniversary March 25 2018

Founder Kim Collier Announces Upcoming Women’s Retreat, Collaborations and Events in Bali to Reinforce Company’s Mission.

Whitefish, MT (March 2018) – What started as a boutique skin care line for Balinese locals in 1993 has developed into a twenty five year quest for Kim Collier to grow and develop the brand into a multi-faceted company that not only provides unique products and healing services but also celebrates women on a global scale and inspires collaborations with some of the most innovative businesses in wellness. As JAMU Organic Spa Rituals celebrates 25 Years in 2018, it’s evident that this woman-owned business is making its mark in the $3.7 trillion wellness industry — as reported by the Global Wellness Institute.

And to appreciate the present, one must look to the past as Kim and her daughter, Kiara “Asia” Collier literally make the trek back to Bali, Indonesia this spring for an exploratory journey as mother and daughter, and as business colleagues. Asia plans to join the family business, Collier Concepts, along with her older sister Cierra. Part of her training for this career move involves traveling alongside her mom, visiting villages where craftsmen make their wares, taking a dip in sacred hot springs and going on a tour of a Green School in Ubud, Bali. They will take part in treatments at Jamu Traditional Spa and of course, this millennial will be documenting the journey in photos and video – bringing a fresh eye to ancient healing traditions.

Kim Collier plans to immerse herself into the culture this March and April through a series of events, the Bali Spirit Festival and Classes with Ellen Watson and Balinese Massage and JAMU Herbal Traditions classes at Jamu Spa School. Also on the agenda is putting the final touches on a new Women’s Wellness retreat in Bali February/March for 2019. Planning for 5 day program, with 5 practitioners and 20 women joining to participate in study sessions and research that will provide a deeper understanding of traditional healing and the body’s innate wisdom towards self-restoration.

The event is titled “Healing the Divine Feminine” and it will be open to wellness minded travelers and also to practitioners and health professionals who will be able to earn credits toward continuing education. For up to date information on this 2019 retreat, visit

Kim’s treatments and products have been featured in VOGUE and O, The Oprah Magazine and last year, the savvy entrepreneur announced collaborations with several companies who aim to provide spa treatments with soul, with purpose, and with ancient traditions that are steeped in history and the healing arts of Bali. Those ventures continue in 2018 with Saltability and a contribution to the international advocacy organization, OCEANA, Rainshadow Labs and JAMU Spa School with more exciting partnerships to come centering around herbal and organic body care, and the ever growing cannabis wellness initiatives.

After living in Bali for eight years and becoming immersed in the traditions of their healing practices, Collier turned her love of the culture into an Indonesian-based product line called JAMU in 1993, along with her husband and spa consultant, Cary Collier of Blu Spas Inc. In 1993, JAMU was brought to the United States and has since been recognized as one of the leading product lines by Organic Spa Magazine, Insider’s Guide to Spas, Spirituality and Health, Les Nouvelles esthetiques and Spa, and the Green Spa Network. JAMU changed its name to JAMU Organic Spa Rituals in 2015 to become a more all-encompassing wellness company, providing wisdom as well as products that promote eco-consciousness, planetary healing and global wellness.

For additional information and collaboration opportunities, contact Kim Collier at or 406-250-9009. 


Best way to beat jet lag you ask? Jasmine Lulur at Jamu Traditional Spa! 90 minutes of Balinese Massage, turmeric body scrub followed by yoghurt, shower, jamu kunyit asem turmeric tonic and fresh, nutrient-rich island tropical fruits (mangosteen, coconut, and durian). Thankful for some Bali BLISS!

Official 25th Anniversary Hashtag: #JAMU25
Bali Hashtag: #BALI2018 #BALI2019


*From March 25 – April 25, 2018, JAMU will have a limited inventory of fresh, small batch, tropical and organic body care. Thank you for your patience and understanding if we are not able to fill your order until after 25th April, upon our return from research and education in Bali, Indonesia.

Happy 25th JAMU + Bali 2018 January 20 2018



JAMU is 25 this year!
Founded in Bali, Indonesia in 1993, original company started for Balinese locals, and brought stateside in 1998.   JAMU carries through spa traditions with herbal healing recipes of Indonesian Jamu products. "Jamu wellness" is centuries old, long before the Western world realized the importance of wellness and the many benefits of organic body care.  "Jamu" is true herbal healing, internally and externally.


Kim Collier heads back to Bali this March/April 2018, excited to be assisting Ellen Watson at Bali Spirit Festival, as well as classes at Jamu Spa School. Not able to make it? Plan for Bali 2019, the focus is  “womens' wellness and Jamu.”  
Let’s stay in touch,  please join our mailing list, and follow Kim & Friends @jamuspa social media feeds. #BALI2018 #BALI2019




We hope to see you at the International Salon and Spa Expo (ISSE) in Long Beach, California, January 27-29
Presentation classes include Balinese Massage, Ocean Devotion, and Salty Swap (intrigued?), represented in collaboration with Saltability. Please click for more information and pricing, as well as dedicated ISSE Tab on



February 16th will be one of the most colorful events in the lunar calendar, welcome The Year of the Earth Dog!

This is THEE year for lifestyle changes (i.e., time to quit smoking, change residences,
or re-board the health train)
....and start new business ventures?
( hint hint...stay tuned )
Happy New Year, East & West!

Happy Bali Holidays & Winter Solstice! December 20 2017

The winter solstice (or hibernal solstice), also known as yule or midwinter, is an astronomical phenomenon marking the day with the shortest period of daylight and longest night of the year. This official "first day of winter" welcomes the season that heals nature, brings restorative sleep and deep peace ~ Happy Solstice!




If you feel drawn to Bali, consider these events and happenings in 2018, live and online.

I will be returning to Bali March/April 2018, please join me! 



Thank you for your votes and support for JAMU!



Thank you ALL for 2017 together, and may 2018 be GREAT!
~ Terimakasih ~ have received love and return love to you ~ 

LNE & Spa's 2018 Best Product Awards! November 10 2017

Merdeka! Bloom + Freedom + Fun August 14 2017

Merdeka! Bloom + Freedom + Fun

It's Summer! Season of growth, bloom and travel! We are blossoming and ready to support our global healing community and benefit designated non-profits. Welcome to "Organic Spa Rituals," a new aspect of JAMU; it's our "Brand Ambassador" program, launched July 2017 with Saltability, Rainshadow, and JAMU Spa School (and Lotus Wei flowerlounges summer happenings too)! Together we bloom and are better! 

August 26th, join Kim Collier, Spa and Wellness Educator, at Skin and Body Show in San Jose, CA for continuing education in JAMU Balinese massage and spa rituals. CLICK for more information and we'll see you there!


 What is "merdeka?" ( हर्द्धिक ) -- In the Indonesian language, "merdeka" means "independent or free." It is derived from Sanskrit (हर्द्धिक) meaning "rich, prosperous and powerful," and the call for freedom on the Indonesian Independence Day, August 17th. 

Thanks for reading and staying in touch! Love, Merdeka & Gratitude ~ Kim

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Saltability Charity: DoItForTheLove
Rainshadow Labs Charity: OCEANA
JAMU Spa School Charity: Yayasan Bumi Sehat




One-of-a-kind transformative gatherings in cities across the country!

Magical. Transformative. Profound.

A divine evening with flowers, authentic connections, elixirs, wei of dark chocolate, meditation, music, storytelling -- and being seen and heard as the beautiful, powerful being that you are!

Learn more about the FlowerLounge tour by clicking here!

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"Om Suasti Astu" Peace In Your Heart and In The World

Spring Showers Bring Bali Flowers! May 11 2017


JAMU is thrilled to be included in Spirituality & Health Top Beauty 100.

Curated by Mary Bemis, founder of "Insiders Guide to Spas," JAMU Bali Flowers "Spa at Home" was rated one of "Top 10 Best Body Scrubs".



May and June, JAMU is donating 10% of all sales to:



Bali in 2017 was OMazing!
Ready to let your soul shine?
Join Kim and friends March 2018 for spa, yoga & wellness in Bali.
Email for more information:



Spirituality and Health magazine digital content director, Alma, was celebrating love, and named our JAMU Javanese Lulur Scrub their Product of the Week in April.


Kim is glowing with opportunities, and a great trip to Bali!
Stay tuned for news on upcoming collaborations for wellness education and  brand ambassador program as 'Organic Spa Rituals' expands!


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2017: Fire Rooster, JAMU in Bali, Grammys & Lulur Romance January 28 2017

Happy New Year of the Fire Rooster!


JAMU & Organic Spa Rituals is headed back to our Bali island home
~ its time for a retreat ~ 
yoga on the beach and spa research (Balinese Massage  & jamu anyone?)

TERIMAKASIH  ~ for giving us the freedom and flexibility to do what we love, with who we love ~ YOU ~ 

Join JAMU & our Bali adventures via social media.  
Already planning our 2018 trip, you in? Let us know by emailing us at

JAMU USA will be 'closed' February 9th - March 9th : Orders placed by Feb 4th will ship prior to Bali tour.

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The Grammys Rock Against Trafficking

JAMU is humbled to support an important pre-GRAMMY event: “Rock Against Trafficking”~ amplifying the power of music to end human trafficking ~To learn more & offer your support:  
Tune in Sunday, February 12th for the 59th Annual Grammy Awards.



Celebrate LOVE this Valentine's Day 

...with a royal Javanese palace tradition ( & aphrodisiac) as aromatic flower blossoms blend perfectly with turmeric for the ultimate Javanese Lulur spa treatment for two.

Our favorite? JAMU "Spa At Home" with Jasmine and Frangipani organic massage, body, bath & hair oil, and traditional lulur turmeric & rice scrub.  

Its a yin + yang combination, together they make a beautifully sensual romance ritual.  Scrub, Shower & Flower Oil ~ XOXO

Holiday Gratitude! December 12 2016

As my December birthday and holidays roll around, I always get "mushy," and am totally okay with it! Tears and laughter flow, my waist line grows, and my heart is full of so much love!

Getting older (I'm currently in my fifties) and wiser (but not so wise, according to our 17 and 21 year olds), I feel so much gratitude and awe, and just want to thank you for 23 years of supporting JAMU - from Bali to Montana - and allowing me the honor to do what I love, with who I!

May your 2017 be OMazing! Sending you and yours so much love and wishes for a heartwarming holiday season!

In the language of my beloved Indonesia and Bali: "Terimakasih" - I have received your live and return love to you and "OmSuastiAstu" - Peace in your heart and in the world.

Blessings, Peace, and Bali ~ Kim Collier

PS: Please let's stay connected on the platform you enjoy! Find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!





Balinese Massage featured in Forbes October 09 2016

Sorting between the trending youngest billionaires and the most notable newcomers of 2016, there's an exciting Forbes article that had us at JAMU Organic Spa Rituals light up like children at Christmas featuring Balinese massage, of course! Meggen Taylor, a contributor of Forbes, eloquently described her utopian vacation experiences in a piece titled Little Palm Island: The Ultimate Private Island Destination for Romance posted on August 31, 2016.

Excerpt from Little Palm Island: The Ultimate Private Island Destination for Romance: ..."One of my favorite parts of the trip was a visit to the resort’s Spa Terre, where my husband officially expanded his spa horizons and stepped outside of his typical massage selection. We chose one the resort’s signature couples treatments, the Javanese Royal Treatment where our service began with a Balinese massage with Jasmine scented flower oil, followed by a rice and turmeric body scrub then topped off by an application of warm yogurt that left our skin refreshed and moisturized from all of the sun exposure. After the yogurt was applied to our skin we were escorted to the shower and then were taken into a beautiful cabana so that we could soak in an exotic flower petal bath. After about 20 minutes of soaking in the tub a bell was rung signaling to us to put our robes back on and to head back to our treatment room for the last phase of our ritual where Jasmine scented lotion was applied to our bodies.

As a former massage therapist and aesthetician this was hands down the best massage and body ritual that I have ever had—and my standards are high. As far as my husband goes, he now loves body scrubs." -Meggen Taylor, Contributor for Forbes

Featured within a piece of her article, Meggen describes her experience with Balinese massage using our Jasmine Frangipani & Turmeric 'Javanese Lulur' tradition. Scents of Jasmine and Frangipani are chosen for romance rituals because of their aphrodisiac and healing qualities, making it perfect for the private island of romance's spa, Spa Terre.

Now if the mention of Balinese massage didn't excite us enough, the article also included a number of beautiful photos from her island experience including Spa Terre where we at JAMU Organic Spa Ritual's were beyond excited to spot our colorful 'Blessing Bath Salts' bottles perched perfectly within one of the treatment rooms. (see photo below)

I spy with my little eye...JAMU Organic Spa Ritual's Blessing Bath Salt bottles!

Now remember, with the help of JAMU Organic Spa Ritual's, you don't need a fancy, expensive spa (though they're a nice splurge when the opportunity presents itself!) can easily have that same spa experience at your very own casa! All you need is a couple of your favorite JAMU scented oils, scrubs and salts, a space with romantic low-lighting, and your lovely partner! Boom! It's that easy, a few easy ingredients and you've created your at home spa! Keep in mind JAMU Organic Spa Rituals likes to make things as easy as possibly for our beloved customers, so we've already created a 'Spa At Home' package, making for the perfect birthday, holiday, or a simple pick-me-up gift for your special partner! 

To read Meggen's full article about her Little Palm Island adventure, please click here.


Interview by Abby Mason: Kim Collier, Founder of JAMU & Organic Spa Rituals & shared from "Healing Lifestyles & Spas":

When did JAMU launch? How has the beauty industry changed since that time?

JAMU initially launched in Bali, Indonesia in 1993 and then we expanded into the USA in 1998, for North American market. The initial company continues in Bali, locally owned as well, and dedicated to the ASEAN & European market.

Wow, quantum changes! We are now seeing more offerings of  “cleaner, healthier, organic”  products which seem to be driven by consumers making conscious, eco-savvy and thoughtful buying decisions. Also, there is more interest in cross-cultural spa experiences &  Eastern treatments.  Global, holistic, wellness within the beauty industry has arrived...

I love the name JAMU and the meaning “herbal remedies used internally and externally for health and beauty”. How did the name of your brand come about?

Indonesia, rich with culture and tradition, and delicious foods and beverages, both Java & Bali is where my husband, Cary,  and I first tried “jamu” tonic drinks. Living in Indonesia, experiencing more of the traditions and culture, we better understood and highly respected "jamu" is the word that most clearly represents one of the key modalities of Indonesia, her people & their amazing herbal healing culture. 

Did you know right away that this was the name for your company?

Initially, the company founded in Bali was called ESENS, to convey in English, that the products used essences of herbs and aromatherapy. Then, when re-launched in the USA, we re-branded to celebrate the traditional healing of Indonesia which is conveyed accurately and uniquely with the name “JAMU.” As of today, the initial company in Bali, ESENS, has now evolved into “JAMU Spa School” and it is an honor to be collaborating to continue supporting & educating traditions of "jamu". 

Your company was created as a result of “ten years of hands-on spa consultation and experience in Southeast Asia”. Can you tell me more about when, during this time, you decided to develop natural, organic and green products (what was your inspiration and motivation)?

Bali & Indonesia is an inspiration, all unto to itself! Grateful for the experience to support the locals to form a company which celebrates their traditions. 

My husband, Cary, and I were blessed to be part of the opening team for Four Seasons Resorts Ubud & Sayan, in Bali Indonesia. While living/working throughout Asia (1990-1998) we spent A LOT of wonderful time opening spas/resorts where the spa guests would request to bring home their Balinese spa experience. Only problem, all of the indigenous products had been made fresh, sourced locally, and not packaged for retail…yet. So we got “sebuk” ( Balinese word for “busy”) and began to research recipes with the local healers"Balian", and find authentic ways to package and retail natural body care in unique bottles, cork stoppers, and hand-wrapped bottles; all as beautiful as Balinese offerings.

To the Balinese “the more beautiful and fragrant an offering, the higher a prayer carries to its intention." 

Your company mission is to “preserve indigenous customs and carry on the inspiration of Asia”.  Can you elaborate a bit more on this and what it means to you?

To further #2, above, while learning “Bahasa Indonesia” (Indonesian language), the already kind and gracious Indonesians with whom we were working were very welcoming with introductions and visits to their villages and beautiful families. With permission and grace of the elders, we began to study ” jamu” traditions, visited healers, and realized many of these indigenous customs, remedies and recipes were not yet documented in English language. Therefore, the mission and inspiration of Jamu ‘to preserve’ was born…

Your products are “natural nourishing recipes, animal and cruelty free, organic and biodegradable”.  What do you do with your packaging so that it is eco friendly?

Here is some insight into each of the aspects of eco-consciousness of JAMU: We follow natural nourishing recipes using edible botanicals, spices and herbs indigenous to South East Asia; we are animal and cruelty free; vegan; no animal products or by-products used in formulations; use only organic ingredients which are certified by USDA, QAI, Pro Cert Systems or Oregon Tilth; biodegradable; use edible ingredients, , no chemicals and  gentle on the skin/body & environment/planet.

How do you embrace sustainability in your company?

In direct relationship to the question above, we embrace sustainability by transitioning to glass for massage oils & blessing baths, cornstarch bags & kraft/brown paper for scrubs, and the plastics used for travel sizes are HDPE #2 plastics, which are recyclable. Furthermore, JAMU has never used boxes for individual products, only organza bags and Balinese fabric boxes. When JAMU ships, we “re-purpose boxes and packing materials” and remind our customers that “reused boxes & packing materials make beautiful trees!”

What makes your brand unique in the arena of green beauty and where do you think it is headed?

JAMU is unique as the first to launch Balinese/Javanese/Thai rituals of body care and herbal beauty in USA, and be organic before it was cool! We are still one, of just a few, unique brands that celebrates cultures of herbal healing, and happy to be headed in the green beauty category with "indie" bodycare companies who are making a loud shout out to green beauty. The industry is in the hands of the conscious "green beauty" consumers seeking "organic, green, sustainable, lifestyle products". So head on over to the growing community of "green beauty" happening everywhere near you!

Are there any special/funny stories that you would like to share behind your brand?

Snakes in my shoes, when we lived in Bali, Indonesia! We were enjoying a quiet morning in our Bali island home,  when I walked into my closet where, spotted a snake in the shoe I was planning to wear. EEEEEK! I ran out of the house screaming “ULAR, ULAR” (snake in Indonesian), and my husband, and our house staff ran after me, joining in the scream. The funny part, we laugh now, is two fold: we left our first born daughter, Cierra, in the house, playing on the floor.  We then all ran back inside to get her, still screaming about the snake, and by that time Cierra was crying and scared. We proceeded to open the bedroom window and close that door for the day. All is/was well, and our Balinese staff, who were our extended family ( Nyoman & Nengah), proceeded to explain that a snake often symbolizes fertility and asked if we were pregnant again? Well…we did conceive again that year… daughter #2, whom we named “Asia” after our experiences in Asia, and a much better name than "ULAR".

What is your favorite healthy ingredient, and why do you love it?  What products feature it?

TURMERIC, hands down, the most delicious anti-oxidant for body and skin. Our first herbal scrub product was “LULUR” which hails from the Central Javanese 17th century royal palace ritual of the “Javanese Lulur”. This scrub/bath/massage with aphrodisiac jasmine and frangipani blossoms is given to the bride to be for 40 days, everyday, before her honeymoon evening. Turmeric sweetens and lightens the skin, when used externally, and is the key ingredient in “jamu” tonic beverages. It makes the skin delicious!

Your company supports UNICEF.  What is the reason behind choosing this amazing organization?  Are there other charities you are also passionate about?

UNICEF has been part of my personal charitable giving since “trick or treating” for UNICEF as a child. It has stayed with me, and seemed a natural fit for JAMU to contribute to help children of the world,   And, since the earthquake in Nepal in 2015 JAMU has committed to donating 10% of all sales to UNICEF. Additionally, we now purchase meditation chimes direct from Nepal, through a company called Eastern Vibration. They are on the ground helping Nepal, and also active in bringing ‘vibrational healing’ to spas, and the world.

Are JAMU products featured in spas?  If so, which ones and what are some of your favorite treatments featuring JAMU products?

The company started solely with the support from Four Seasons Spas/Asia Division. We and eternally grateful for their vision to preserve cultural traditions at each of their stunning locations with a vast variety of indigenous products and services on offer. In the USA, we work with select number of spas that are interested to authentic Balinese Massage & Organic Spa Rituals, whilst JAMU offers full support and continuing education.  Our top resort spa clients include Immersion Spa & Water Club Spa in Atlantic City NJ, Cloister Spa of Sea Island GA & Noble House/Spa Terre USA.  We also work with holistic practitioners, day spas, and retail boutiques, to enhance their offerings of wellness and to bring a unique lifestyle experience to their clients.

Your products look amazing online!   Where can I find JAMU products displayed so I can touch and smell the entire line?

Thank you Abby! I am waiting for the day that the internet will be “touch and smell”, so people may enjoy the entire line, on-line! Each property chooses the tradition that best suits their clientele, as well as the season, so no one resort has the entire line, year-round… other than our website:

Where is your USA company based? Can you tell me a little bit more about JAMU headquarters, your team and your company culture?

Since 2000, JAMU became a Montana Corporation, located in Whitefish MT. We have had a variety of locations, and have now streamlined for production to be with a local, certified organic manufacturer. Our sales/marketing/education headquarters are based from my home office, with a staff of 2 and me … and no snakes here!

How would you describe your ideal customer?

World travelers, adventurous spirits, and seekers of organic products & delectable aromas for body and mind. We enjoy such a loyal customer base, and growing, each with a different story on why they enjoy JAMU. But most say that JAMU brings them a bit of tropical bliss each time that they use it to nourish their skin and soul. Many of our customers have been with us since our 2000 launch in USA, and we also have magazines, writers and bloggers to thank for sharing the JAMU Joy too, so thank you!


Do you have any new products or launches that we can expect to see in the near future?

We recently launched #raiseyourvibe promotion by integrating meditation chimes “tingsha” into the spa ritual experience;  as mentioned, to support Nepal and UNICEF. We’re also working on a new additions to the line, launching soon, so stay tuned!

I would love to know who inspires you and why….?

Thats a soul stirring question, love it! I am inspired that each day is a new and beautiful day, not always easy and light, but full of choices that can make a difference in our lives, and the lives of others too. I would say kindness really matters, as does striving to be a loving person, never taking any one, or any day, for granted.

I love your mantra “Peace in your heart, and love in the world”  Do you have any others that you love?

That beautiful mantra is Balinese, and I love it too! “Om Suasti Astu ~ Peace In Your Heart & In The World”.  I listen to a lot of music, when working and with my teenage daughters, and find a lot of inspiration in many of the lyrics. With the “sound bites of peoples’ lives”, along with a good beat, there’s nothing like inspiration put to music and a good dance beat!

What is your favorite product in your line?

Wow, so SO many extraordinary product lines out there to be enjoyed. Two that I use, every day, are Shankara and Lotus Wei, both so amazing!  Shankara for its Ayurvedic healing principles, and Lotus Wei for its intoxicating flower essences, infused into mists, serums and even lip balms. Oh, and a local line of lip balms from HurrahBalm is pretty incredible too! With our spa consulting companies ( Collier Spas & Blu Spa) we have the opportunity and honor to recommend product lines for spas/wellness, and continue to discover many excellent lines! Have you heard of @beautyheros? They have some excellent recommendations for natural, green beauty too!

What is your favorite way to relax?

Catching Zzzzz ( sleep) is a priority, and my favorite way to relax, decompress and heal, and even enjoy delicious naps from time to time...Upon waking, my ritual is: rise early, breath gratitude in/out, both feet on the earth ( bedside or walk outside ), drink water, then go, go, go, until bedtime! My family calls me the “EverReady Bunny!”

What are your goals for your company in the future?

Expanded the brand from JAMU & Asian Spa Rituals to JAMU & Organic Spa Rituals, with focus on embracing more brands and their green benefits. As an educator, offering continuing education programs at spas and massage schools, it is exciting to be part of the future of wellness, through products and education. So I see my efforts and energies dedicated to collaboration whereby together we can do more, support each other, and empower change and grow! Welcome more collaborations, always.

How do you find balance while juggling life’s needs and work’s responsibilities?

“Move it or lose it” that applies to body, and mind! At some point, each day, I walk outside, hike in the quiet woods, get to the gym, play in my garden, or get into the kitchen (cue the dance music) and prepare a healthy meal for my family and friends. We sit together, slow down and enjoy each other in this moment.

What is your favorite edible ingredient to both eat and use on your skin?

Hale Kale, favorite green to eat, especially sautéed in organic coconut oil! Hale Coconut Oil too, and glad that this nutrient rich, tropical oil has made its way into peoples’ kitchens and vanity areas. The absolute BEST moisturizer inside and out!

What are two to three things you feel are important to share with your customers?

Another great question, and have enjoyed this interview very much, thank you Abby.

Three things important to share with JAMU customers:

  • Gratitude to you for discovering JAMU ~ EnJoy
  • Gratitude to you for choosing organic for your lifestyle, and the planet
  • If you cannot make it to Bali, let JAMU and our clients/friends bring Bali and Global Wellness to YOU!

“Om Suasti Astu” ~ Peace In Your Heart & In The World “

Javanese Lulur, A Royal Romance Ritual, Spa At Home January 21 2016

javanese luhur

PICTURE OF Kim Collier, soaking in flower petal bath. Photo credits:
Cierra Ayu Collier (photographer & make-up ) & Kiara Asia Collier ( editor & petal pusher) 


Its NEVER too late to say thank you...

THANK YOU Modern Bride Magazine for sharing with brides, grooms and romance seekers the  ‘Javanese Lulur’  ~ a ritual Javanese wedding massage ~ the ultimate spa at home royal romance ritual experience & bridal gift to celebrate love & romance ~ 

 Excerpt from Modern Bride Magazine on this Romance Ritual:

“In the palaces of 18th century Java, Indonesia, it was customary for a bride to receive a two hour, scented skin treatment and massage every day for 40 days (that’s four -oh!) to prepare her for her wedding night. While such a luxury is not an option for most modern brides-to-be, JAMU is giving them a taste of the head-to-toe skin-softening decadence…According to Kim Collier “the Lulur was originally performed to calm the virgin bride - relaxing, soothing, toning & sweetening her skin to increase the chance of a wedding-night conception.” Regardless of your current conception schedule, Collier calls the modern Lulur “purifying and empowering.”

Here’s what you will need for your Javanese Lulur Royal Romance Ritual 

  1.  JAMU Spa at Home Jasmine Frangipani & Javanese Lulur (200-104)
  2.  Sarong and dark bath towels (turmeric may stain linens)
  3.  Small container of organic, full fat yoghurt (plain or flavored, up to you)
  4.  Shower and/or bath (organic rose petals in the bath are the ultimate…)

Here’s what you will do for your Javanese Lulur Royal Romance Ritual:

  1. Spread out your sarong, open JAMU spa at home, bring the yoghurt along.. Stand in your shower…have the heat on, stay warm, and for the ULTIMATE, have a bath with flower petals waiting for you to soak.
  2. Apply 1/2 oz of organic Jasmine Frangipani Oil on your skin, vigorously apply in upward strokes toward the heart, apply everywhere...
  3. Mix “lulur” in its container, with splash of warm water and 1/2 capful of oil, make a paste similar to mustard consistency. Oh, the water is OFF, for steps a-f
  4. Apply a very light layer of “lulur” on entire body, everywhere. Do not rub it in, just paint lightly on the skin, or someone do this for you, its fun for everyone!
  5. The “lulur” air dries quickly, so now vigorously rub your skin, this feels amazing! The rice exfoliates, and turmeric anti-oxidates, you will feel energized. Important, you may sweat out some turmeric the next day or two, so dark color clothing suggested...
  6. Yoghurt time, warm between your hands, this will be a little chilly. Vigorously apply on the skin, rubbing in circles to effectively “lift” the remaining turmeric off your skin, and continue the exfoliation with natural enzymes of yoghurt. Its okay, you will look like a yellow parfait for sec.
  7. Now, take a warm shower, rinse the herbs and yoghurt down the drain. Suggest to NOT use any soap to remove,  you skin is marinated, scrubbed and pH balanced. Are you feeling royal yet?
  8. Depending upon the time you have, wrap yourself in the dark colored towel, lightly dry off, and apply the remaining oils to your skin for aphrodisiac moisturizing. OR, if time allows...soak in the flower bath, and apply the remaining oils to your skin after bath. 

    Breathe In Love...

    The V-Steam: Personal and Private Pre-Wedding Ritual July 09 2015

    Explore a pre-wedding preparation which is both detoxifying and unique. This private tradition is a Korean custom believed to help reduce stress, strengthen the immune system, soothe hemorrhoids, regulate menstrual cycles, possible aid with infertility and overall purge the body of unwanted toxins.

    by Kim Collier and Cierra Collier

    JAMU Founder Kim Collier and daughter Cierra enjoy a V-Steam. Look at that glowing skin!

    Love Your Mother May 08 2015

    Love your Mother!
    From April 25th throughout 2015 JAMU Organic Spa Rituals will donate 10% of all sales to UNICEF #Nepal

    Inspiration in Whitefish, MT May 08 2015

    May 4, 2015 
    JAMU Organic Spa Rituals was honored to participate in gratitude for the speakers of TedxWhitefish and their valuable contributions:

    Positive Reminder May 05 2014

    Positive Reminder from TED ~ ""If you raise your level of positivity, then your brain performs significantly better. Your intelligence rises, your creativity rises, your energy levels rise."