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Montana Blackfeet Herbal Muscle Oil

Montana Blackfeet Herbal Muscle Oil

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How to Use:

For topical use only. Apply to muscles and joints as needed. Full body application may cause cool or heat sensations when as circulation is stimulated where needed. Allow the healing potential of your body to be invigorated with Natural Warrior muscle and pain relief oil blend. Wash hands after use, avoid eyes and mucus membranes. 

About Montana Blackfeet Herbal Muscle Oil:

This native plant remedy is effective, topical pain relief made in Montana according to Blackfeet tribal plant wisdom ways.

Natural Warrior is based on analgesic properties of peppermint oil, wintergreen oil, wild arnica montana, ginger, capsicum, myrrh, goldenseal & st. john's wart.

Available in 1oz / 30ml size and 3oz / 88ml Muscle & Pain Relief Oil for full body & massage oil for an energizing, analgesic massage oil. Concentrated formulation.

JAMUspa donates $1 for each bottle sold to the FAST Black Feet Food Bank in Browning, Montana.

Quote from the formulators, Black Feet Tribal Herbalists: 

"On our farm we grow many healing herbs that are used in a variety of products. We also respectfully wild-craft on our homeland of the Blackfeet Reservation.

Our farm is based on the old adage, "may food be your medicine". We treat the land with respect and receive health through these practices." Doug & Betsy Loring, formulators of Natural Warrior, Browning Montana, Blackfeet Nation

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