Inspire yourself with detoxifying lemongrass essential oils blended with organic botanicals for a fresh and uplifting scent.


JAMU, in the Indonesian language, translates as "herbal healing, inside and outside".

JAMUspa honors remedies using exotic & tropical ingredients to offer you organic body care products, global spa experiences & international wellness education.

Experience JAMU wellness with organic, holistic, herbal, tropical spa vibes body care products.

...Because nature and plants are our ultimate healers...

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This scent creates a stimulating and warming effect and is traditionally believed to help aid digestions and relieve aches through the increase of blood circulation. Nourishing and warming for the body and soul.

"We had the best spa night and JAMUspa's products were amazing! The "kopi" (coffee) body scrub was wonderful the coconilla oil has such a rich smell was everyone's favorite! We had ladies with very sensitive skin and some that are sensitive to fragrances. They were very pleasantly surprised that they could enjoy the products without sneezing or itching, a first for them. We highly recommend these fabulous spa products!" Leah, A. - Whitefish

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