The mission of JAMU is to blend exotic, organic ingredients
and celebrate global healing traditions. Enjoy cross-cultural
wellness rituals with holistic, herbal, tropical spa products.

"JAMU" translates from Indonesian language as
"herbal remedies used internally and externally for health and beauty".

Jamu organic bodycare, Asian spa treatments, tropical spa, jamu traditions

JAMU is a boutique, unique, organic body care brand for your spa at home,
as well as available at selected spas, wellness studios, yoga and retail venues.
Our focus is Asian, herbal organic wellness, jamu traditions and
tropical spa treatments.

Developed by a holistic health practitioner, JAMU is herbal wellness for global spa community!



"At Barefoot RnR, our JAMU oils are used for therapeutic purposes, they carry thru the intention for deeper healing, as part of wellness. Ginger Spice for muscle release, Thai Lemongrass for detox, Jasmine Frangipani to support women's health, and Bali Flowers is relaxing for everyone."

- Judith Morey, RN & Founder of Barefoot RnR -