Spa at Home

Ready to take your Balinese and JAMU spa rituals to the next level? You can never learn too much; we have knowledge for everyone! If you're a beginner, we have the perfect starter kit for it! Including our three favorite scents in our signature organic massage oils, incense to set the mood for your space, and a DVD to teach you all you need to know about Balinese massage!

Already own your own set of JAMU Organic Spa products but would like to better learn how to use them on your family and friends? You definitely need the Balinese Massage DVD to fine tune your skills. Where to go from there? Experience a global spa journey and benefit your skin and soul by registering for JAMU Certification and NCBTMB Continuing Education courses (details below).


Integrate Balinese Massage into your daily wellness rituals.

$59.00 (retail price usually $73.50!)


Click here to purchase the Starter Kit now! Experience Bali at home...spread out your sarong, light the incense, choose your oils, and enjoy the healing yet energizing techniques of Balinese Massage. Included in the starter kit are Balinese Massage DVD with three (3) 2oz/60ml oils of Coconilla, Bali Flowers and Ginger Spice. An additional gift is incense from  Bali, Indonesia.

Benefit your skin and soul with massage using tropical and organic oils for body, bath & hair.


Celebrate the rituals of JAMU Balinese Massage with this video.

Online special for $45.00 (retails at $55.00) 

From the ancient traditions of Indonesia, the island of Bali holds a history rich with healing & massage therapy. JAMU Balinese Massage, also known as Indonesian Massage or “pijat,” celebrates the historical influences of the island nation of Indonesia. JAMU is a meditative massage modality.

Click here to purchase the Balinese Massage DVD for $45.00.    


Continue your journey with JAMU Balinese Massage by registering for Continuing Education Classes

$160.00 for 8 CE units

Click here to Register Directly for JAMU Balinese Massage classes.

Experience a global spa journey, and benefit skin & soul, with organic & herbal spa treatments. JAMU Balinese Massage & Spa Treatments, for your wellness rituals. 

Register here for online JAMU Balinese Massage Certification & NCBTMB Continuing Education (8 CE Units, $160USD). Or email to schedule on-site classes, or receive more information on Balinese Massage & Spa Rituals classes around the globe. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER DIRECTLY