Merdeka! Bloom + Freedom + Fun

Merdeka! Bloom + Freedom + Fun

Merdeka! Bloom + Freedom + Fun

It's Summer! Season of growth, bloom and travel! We are blossoming and ready to support our global healing community and benefit designated non-profits. Welcome to "Organic Spa Rituals," a new aspect of JAMU; it's our "Brand Ambassador" program, launched July 2017 with Saltability, Rainshadow, and JAMU Spa School (and Lotus Wei flowerlounges summer happenings too)! Together we bloom and are better! 

August 26th, join Kim Collier, Spa and Wellness Educator, at Skin and Body Show in San Jose, CA for continuing education in JAMU Balinese massage and spa rituals. CLICK for more information and we'll see you there!


 What is "merdeka?" ( हर्द्धिक ) -- In the Indonesian language, "merdeka" means "independent or free." It is derived from Sanskrit (हर्द्धिक) meaning "rich, prosperous and powerful," and the call for freedom on the Indonesian Independence Day, August 17th. 

Thanks for reading and staying in touch! Love, Merdeka & Gratitude ~ Kim

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Saltability Charity: DoItForTheLove
Rainshadow Labs Charity: OCEANA
JAMU Spa School Charity: Yayasan Bumi Sehat




One-of-a-kind transformative gatherings in cities across the country!

Magical. Transformative. Profound.

A divine evening with flowers, authentic connections, elixirs, wei of dark chocolate, meditation, music, storytelling -- and being seen and heard as the beautiful, powerful being that you are!

Learn more about the FlowerLounge tour by clicking here!

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"Om Suasti Astu" Peace In Your Heart and In The World

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