Love Your Mother & Happy Hemp Earth Day April 22 2019

Sending love and global hello on this EARTH DAY!

Missed has been months since sending a newsletter, honestly, I have been in a 'season of healing & re-discovery'.

My husband, Cary & I are now "empty nesters"
(parents whose children have moved away from home, *sigh) 
Perfect time to re-kindle interests, passions & purpose.
Welcoming new energy and inspired with  the re-birth of Collier Concepts, continued herbal healing with "first born" JAMU, & some coolness on the horizon with #BluGalaxy at Blu Spas too!


Collier Concepts connects venues and vendors ( saving you time and money). We are researching ( read >>lab testing ), slathering & interviewing to find the best from mother earths' hemp derived CBD, seed to sale.

In March/April 2019,  enjoyed presenting CBD lectures & experiential education events, as well as sharing "CBD + Tea" at 'The Spa Buzz'.  Grateful to be chatting CBD & efficacy of plant based healing with many friends & colleagues in spa/retail/hospitality. This is a transformational and important time for people to support green beauty and blue beauty too!

What about Kim’s 'first born’ JAMU, a company founded in Bali in 1993? JAMU celebrates 26 years in 2019, indie, niche, holistic herbal body care staying true to Bali. Thank you all for your support over these years and into the future!

Indonesias' drug laws are among the strictest in SouthEast Asia, it would not honor traditions of ‘jamu’  to include CBD (the powerhouse homeostasis molecule derived from hemp & marijuana) nor other phytocannabinoids within JAMU bodycare products.




Moving onward, upward & future forward! 
Beyond excited to share this evolution with you.
Please be in touch to discuss any of the above,
look forward to hearing from you! OR OR

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