Falling into Autumn with Purium!

Falling into Autumn with Purium!

We literally light up with our favorite Purium products! For the last 3 years, JAMU (and Blue Spas Inc and Collier Concepts) founders and operators, have been loving the uplifting results of using nutritional superfoods from Purium. With Purium's plant based products, we've felt the best we've ever felt, and in your 50's, that's a incredible win!

Purium goes back to the days before pesticides, chemicals and herbicides. They hold themselves to a standard that includes non-gmo, organic products that are free of artificial ingredients, fillers, hormones, or binders. Also, within their mission they have a 60-Day Unconditional Guarantee and are committed to education and sharing that knowledge with you. 

We are particularly crazy about the Purium 'Cleansing' line and not only love recommending it, but swear by it! In addition to Purium's nutritionals, they also offer a pure, premium, full spectrum CBD. CBD offers a wide range of medicinal and therapeutic benefits -- want to know more? Stay tuned! Next month's newsletter will be featuring 'Intro to CBD,' answering all the tough questions and offering ways to incorporate this herbal body product to your daily self-care ritual.

Using the code: Kim Collier - save yourself $50 on your next Purium purchase! Please feel free to personally reach out to me at kim@jamuspa.com for more information regarding Purium products and more personal testimonials!


Also, don't forget about The International Congress of Esthetics and Spa active lectures coming up! Speaking in Long Beach, CA (September 23rd through the 24th) and Miami, FL (October 28th through 29th) - join these active lectures, shining a light on the future of wellness and how to incorporate profitable and easy ways to include healthy options to guests and yourself! We would love to see you there! To receive 20% off your registration, use the code: Kim Collier.



In closing, HAPPY AUTUMN! Don't forget to mark your calendars to celebrate the Chinese Moon 
Festival (also referred to as the Mid-Autumn Festival) on September 24th! During this festive time, families come together to celebrate the harvest under a full moon. The holiday is all about giving thanks, for nature’s abundance and for joyful reunions with loved ones. So with the spirit of gratitude, let it touch the loved ones around us and remind us how incredibly blessed we are to experience the color change of our landscape and feel to brisk floating within the air we breath.
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