Description of the included starter kit scents:

Bali Flowers: With ylang-ylang as the key essential oil, Bali Flowers creates a calming and uplifting effect. The "sandat blossom," which is related to ylang-ylang, is traditionally used in Balinese offerings as to perfume the hair, body, and clothing. Ylang-Ylang is unique, sweetly aromatic, and believed to have spiritual qualities.                    Suggested Scrub: "Garum Laut" Bali Sea Salt Scrub

Coconilla: Uplifting coconut and sensuous vanilla scents,  atropical whimsical reminder of fun in the sun. When you cannot get to the beach, but need that tropical inspiration, its Coconilla for YOU.        Try with KOPI coffee scrub too, one of our JAMU founders favorites!           Suggested Scrub: "Kopi" Coffee & Coconut Scrub

Ginger Spice: Create a stimulating and warming effect with ginger. Traditionally believed to help aid digestion and relieve aches through the increase of blood circulation. Nourishing and warming for the body and soul. Suggested Scrub : "Boreh" Balinese Herbal Scrub

Jasmine Frangipani: Ultimate aphrodisiac & royal body elixir.  Exotic flower perfume blend is intoxicating, heady & sexy! Jasmine Frangipani is the traditional aroma to accompany "Javanese Lulur" ritual, which originated from 17th century royalty rituals from Java, Indonesia. NOTE: Kim Collier, JAMU Founder, awarded "Top 25 Trendsetter" via Conde Naste Media, for contribution to preserve "lulur" tradition. Suggested Scrub :" Lulur" Turmeric Herbal Scrub

Island Fruits: Citrus essential oil blend creates a refreshing and energizing effect. The vibrancy, color and flavor of fresh fruits are a celebration of the sweetness of life, with fruits present in all Balinese offerings. Refresh your spirit with some Island Fruits island time. Suggested Scrub : "Tanah" Volcanic Earth Clay

Thai Lemongrass: Detoxifying and energizing lemongrass, traditional to tropical islands.  Believed to be astringent and tonifying, this widely used medicinal herb is essential for your daily wellness.       Suggested Scrub: "Kelapa" Coconut & Rice Scrub 


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