JAMU Herbal Traditions

JAMU Organic Spa Rituals is Bali-inspired body care products founded on Indonesian traditions. Tropical scented oils, scrubs, and salts are handcrafted with herbal and organic ingredients for your at-home spa and wellness rituals.


Thai Lemongrass clears skin and the mind with a clarifying lemongrass oil and sweet coconut rice body scrub.

Inspire yourself with this tradition and spa at home with refreshing lemongrass and coconut, also known as "kelapa" in Bali. This scent is available in our multi-use organic oil, herbal body care scrub, and bath salts. Perfect combination of ingredients to declutter your mind and bring life back to your skin.



Ginger Spice is a Balinese remedy to enhance "chi" life energy.

Create a stimulating effect with fresh Indonesian ginger root oil and "boreh," a Balinese herbal body care spice scrub, traditionally used to aid digestion, enhance circulation, relieve aches and purify the body.


Coconilla stimulates the body and mind with coffee and refreshes with sweet coconut and vanilla.

This tropical tradition is the perfect mixture of vanilla, organic coconut and coffee (well known as "kopi" in Bali), and is a customer favorite. Start with our best seller, this coconilla oil perfect for massage, body, bath or hair and compliment with coffee herbal body care scrub, for delicious full body wake-up before bath, shower, or spa for two. 


Jasmine Frangipani is a Balinese royal ritual for aphrodisiac and romantic moments.

In this Javanese royal tradition, Jasmine and Frangipani blossoms are intoxicatingly blended with turmeric and spices for the ultimate royal spa treatment. This traditional 17th century ritual, from palaces of Central Java, Indonesia, is an exquisite spa experience, first brought to the USA by JAMU herbal body care products.


Island Fruits is body and soul wellness for overall healing and uplifting

This tradition takes citrusy island fruits organic oil and blends their with "tanah," grounding volcanic earth clay. Vibrantly celebrate the sweetness of life. Island Fruits available in both our multi-use massage, body, bath and hair oil or volcanic herbal body care scrub which doubles as a wellness masque for both the body and soul.


Bali Flowers soothes your spirit with Balinese flowers and gives you a Bali glow wherever you go.

CALMING | This Balinese tradition uses ylang-ylang, a respected Balinese temple flower, used in traditional offerings as well as is commonly found being used as a fragrant perfume. This calming, aromatic scent, blended with flower petals and sea salts (called "garum laut," in Balinese language)  give you a tropical, beautiful Bali glow you've always wanted.