Brand Ambassador & Collaborations

'Organic Spa Rituals offer collaborations, brand ambassador affiliations, and advocacy for plant based healing with focus upon herbal body care, herbal body care products and CBD.

The vision is to share wisdom and healthful body care to move us forward to eco-consciousness, planetary healing & global wellness.

Contact: Kim Collier, Founder, Educator, Collaborator 



Purium Nutritionals and CBD

Kim Collier and her family empower their days with Purium products! Why does Kim love Purium so much? Well...
In addition to vegan, whole food, plant based nutritional products, Purium offers a pure and premium CBD spray. CBD (Cannabidiol) is found in hemp plants and known for its wide variety of therapeutic benefits. CBD products may be beneficial to increase clarity and mental focus, lessen anxiousness, offer a better night's rest and decrease inflammation. 
Are you ready for a plant-based, empowered lifestyle?

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Charity: Yayasan Bumi Sehat

Helping women in Bali and Aceh achieve a higher standard of maternal and child health
through culturally sensitive prenatal, postpartum and birth services.