ISSE 2018

Hope you had a chance to join Kim Collier, Founder of JAMU & Organic Spa Rituals, during ISSE Long Beach in January 2018.

If not, no worries, join us virtually for on-line classes and these opening order offerings. Now is the time for deeply healing, highly relaxing and tropical spa experiences. 

Classes offered at ISSE 2018:

Salty Swap: Transition your stone massage to healthy and mineral rich Himalayan Salt Stones via Saltability for Massage, Facials, Manicure & Pedicure, and more. Demo includes preview of both restore and deep tissue protocols, as well as meridian points. 

Ocean Devotion: This massage experience combines the healing properties of Saltability's Himalayan Salt Stones and Balinese Massage with JAMU organic oils and healing herbs, for the ultimate in meridian balancing, deep relaxation & body bliss.

Balinese Massage & Spa Rituals: Documented in Bali, Indonesia, this unique massage incorporates Chinese, Indian and European techniques for a rhythmic yet relaxing deep tissue modality. This tropical demo will leave you longing for a trip to Bali, and includes demo of techniques for foot soak, herbal exfoliation & marma point facial massage. 



Sprinkled with our JAMU favorites, including organic massage, body, bath and hair oils, healing bath salts, a custom JAMU foot soak bowl, organic herbal scrubs, and access to the Balinese Massage Online Course featuring 8CEU hours - all for the promotional pricing of $372.50.


Free Shipping in the continental US through February 2018!



Dedicated to the ocean, this massage experience combines the healing properties of mineral salt stone massage, rhythmic Balinese massage and vibrational healing for waves of body balancing and deep relaxation. 

Featuring the JAMU Practitioner Package + Saltability Himalayan Salt Stones and Bamboo Warmer. 372.50 + 299.00 = $671.50.


Free Shipping in the continental US through Febuary 2018!


BONUS!! Through February 2018 receive FREE SHIPPING + DVD with Balinese Massage protocol and JAMU product knowledge ($45.00 VALUE) use promo code at checkoutJAMUxISSE

Professional Beauty Association's (PBA) International Salon and Spa Expo (ISSE) is the largest professionals-only beauty event on the West Coast.