Thai Lemongrass

Inspire yourself with detoxifying lemongrass essential oils blended with organic botanicals for fresh and uplifting spa time. Lemongrass and Coconut body ritual brings Thai healing to your skin.


Thai Lemongrass & ‘Kelapa’ Coconut Scrub is a beautiful treat for your skin. You get detoxifying lemongrass and hydrating coconut in a Thai herbal remedy that’s worthy of any spa. The lemongrass essential oil featured in the coconut scrub has astringent and disinfectant qualities. It’s also detoxing and energizing for your skin. After using the coconut scrub, your skin will feel exuberant and, perhaps, a little tingly. It will be alive with the element of lemongrass. 


Coconut, which is known as ‘Kelapa’ in the Thai language, is an essential element of Asian life. A young coconut is a symbol of fertility. However, Jamu Spa prefers to use mature coconut in its skin care products and treatments. Mature coconut, as used in Jamu skin care preparations, is very moisturizing. Your skin needs moisture to thrive. The coconut scrub also offers gentle exfoliation. It’s nourishing and enriching. The coconut scrub will leave your skin feeling smooth and beautiful to the touch.

We recommend the coconut scrub particularly for people with dry skin. Coconut is very hydrating. The coconut scrub will add much‑needed moisture to drier skin. To use, you blend the coconut scrub with water. Then, you lightly apply to dry skin and rub the coconut scrub in to exfoliate. Afterwards, you rinse the coconut scrub off and massage the face with oil.

The Thai Lemongrass & ‘Kelapa’ Coconut Scrub is recommended for new spa goers. It’s a great introduction to Jamu Spa services. Of course, we know you can use it perfectly at home and get that great spa feeling on your own. If you receive Thai massage, the coconut scrub is a great complement to that modality. You will love the coconut scrub so much that you may want to share it with your significant other or go to a spa and have a dual treatment.

With Jamu Spa’s coconut scrub the possibilities are endless. As always, we welcome you to contact us with questions about the lemongrass and coconut scent or any of our other products. Om Suasti Astu is our motto. It’s a Balinese blessing that says “peace in your heart and in the world.” We hope you find that peace and healing with our Thai Lemongrass and Coconut tradition.

Please take a few short minutes to view and learn more about JAMU's Thai Lemongrass and Coconut "Kelapa" tradition.