Island Fruits

Wake up with citrusy island fruits blended with "tanah," a volcanic earth clay, and vibrantly celebrate the sweetness of life. Use in the morning to start your day off the right way with this energizing island vibe.

JAMU Organic Spa’s Island Fruits and ‘Tanah’ Volcanic Clay tradition uses real earth clay which cools and cleanses the body. The Island Fruits and ‘Tanah’ Volcanic Clay are suitable for the body, face, hands and feet. The fruit is an uplifting and refreshing blend of citrus that energizes the skin and spirit. The fruit in the Island Fruits & ‘Tanah’ Volcanic Clay symbolizes the sweetness of life.

The key ingredients in the Island Fruits & ‘Tanah’ Volcanic Clay are citrus essential oils and volcanic clay. Citrus essential oils have the benefit of aromatherapy. The scent of the citrus essential oils in this tradition is uplifting to the mind, mentally refreshing and clarifying to the skin with astringent properties. The volcanic earth clay is hand-sifted and sun-dried from soft mineral formations of volcanic land from Java, Indonesia. It’s also known as “Java Lava.”

The Island Fruits & ‘Tanah’ Volcanic Clay effectively cleans skin and absorbs toxins. It is purifying and cooling to the skin. With the combination of “Java Lava” and citrus essential oils, you get an overall effect that uplifts you and detoxifies your skin. The Island Fruits & ‘Tanah’ Volcanic Earth Clay Mask & Scrub is a spa treatment that is especially enjoyable for men because it’s a neutral and energizing spa experience. It’s also great for first-time spa goers, especially couples.

The clay in the Island Fruits & ‘Tanah’ Volcanic Clay removes odors from perspiration and natural body cycles. The facial mask is effective in working to gently absorb impurities. The mask is perfect to complement traditional Oriental Medical Therapies (OMT) like acupuncture because the mask dries according to the flow of the chi.

As Asian spa treatments gain in popularity, we think that the Island Fruits & ‘Tanah’ Volcanic Clay tradition will become high on people’s list. It’s refreshing, cooling, soothing and uplifting. We, at JAMU Organic Spa, highly recommend it!

Learn more about this energizing tradition by taking a few minutes to view our video below.