Ginger Spice

The Ginger Spice tradition creates a stimulating and warming effect and is traditionally believed to help aid digestions and relieve aches through the increase of blood circulation. Nourishing and warming for the body and soul.


On the island of Bali, Indonesian rice farmers have traditionally prepared a healing remedy as a paste of cinnamon bark, clove buds, ginger, rice powder and warming spices. The concoction is known as ‘boreh’. After a day’s work in the rice fields, Balinese farmers would then rub this healing remedy onto their head and abdomen to warm tired and cold muscles. Today, Jamu Organic Spa offers this healing remedy for use to relieve muscular aches, pains and headaches. 


Ginger is the key ingredient in the organic Ginger Spice Massage, Body, Bath & Hair Oil, as well as Boreh herbal recipe. Both are believed to enhance blood circulation and relieve muscular congestion. Ginger also assists the body in detoxification by stimulating digestion. The rice‑based skin scrub, called Boreh, also features ginger, with cloves & cinnamon. Cloves are an excellent natural disinfectant and carminative. Finally, sweet and aromatic cinnamon naturally warms the body from the inside out, to increase blood circulation.


Balinese Boreh healing remedy is just a growing number of jamu traditional spa treatments. Indigenous spa treatments are among the most requested in the spa & wellness industry. Jamu Organic Spa has worked to preserve authentic and elegant formulas like this Balinese Boreh Spice Healing Remedy to bring health and well‑being to spas at home spa experiences.


This healing remedy is believed to relieve muscle aches and pains. It is a traditional recipe to stave off headaches. Balinese Boreh will enhance the bodies ‘chi’ or ‘life energy’ and increase blood circulation. It assists in detoxification and is believed to help those who are trying to lose weight. The Balinese Boreh healing remedy may also assist travelers by relieving effects of jet lag.


How to 'Spa at Home' with Ginger Spice Balinese Boreh Healing Remedy. To learn more, please take a few short minutes to watch the video below.

  1. Blend Boreh Spice Healing Spice Remedy with warm water and just a few drops of Ginger Spice Organic Massage, Body, Bath & Hair Oil to make a paste.
  2. Apply over the abdomen, back, legs & feet.
  3. Relax, recline, read & breathe…leave the herbal remedy on for 15 to 20 minutes.
  4. Step into the shower or bath, and briskly exfoliate the skin with a dry hand, to remove the Boreh, and stimulate the skin.
  5. Shower or bath, and finish with cool rinse
  6. Afterwards, massage the remaining Ginger Spice Organic Massage, Body, Bath & Hair Oil into the skin, or use for full body massage, for optimal circulation.