Balinese Massage & JAMU Massage Starter Kit/DVD

$ 59.00 $ 73.50

This is your invitation to learn and enjoy Balinese Massage for personal wellness and spa at home!

For massage & health practitioners, earn continuing education credits.

Completion of this course does not qualify one to professionally offer Balinese Massage, unless currently licensed to practice massage therapy.

DATE & TIME: Anytime. At your convenience. Plug & Play.

DESCRIPTION: Balinese Massage and Spa Rituals DVD Course & Starter Kit


          • Review of organic, tropical traditions or "jamu"

          • JAMU Organic Massage, Body, Bath & Hair Oils/1oz sampler set

          • Step by step Balinese Massage sequence with back scrub protocol


SUGGESTION: Click to order Balinese Massage DVD with Starter Kit ; includes organic JAMU massage oil sample set

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