Bali Flowers

With ylang-ylang as the key essential oil, Bali Flowers and Sea Salt 'Garum Laut' tradition creates a calming and uplifting effect. The "sandat blossom," which is related to ylang-ylang, is traditionally used in Balinese temple and daily offerings as well as used to perfume the hair and clothing. The Balinese believe flowers connect us to the spirit world.

Bali Flowers is a tropical twist on a classic spa treatment. In JAMU Organic Spa’s treatment, we use Bali Flowers and sea salts that are hand-sifted from the Indian Ocean. We also utilize the ylang-ylang flower blossoms. Flowers connect us to the spirit world. It’s a great way to relax and reinvigorate. 
The key ingredients in our Bali Flowers and Garum Laut Sea Salt include Ylang Ylang essential oil. Known as sandat or cananga in the Balinese language, these Bali flowers come from tropical Asia and are symbolic to the Balinese for prayers or offerings to their deities. They are stimulating in spa treatments.
Ylang Ylang Bali Flowers provide a stimulating spa treatment. They are exfoliating. The oil and petals help with calming the skin and spirit. You invigorate your skin while relaxing the body. It’s a beautiful treatment that will make you feel wonderful. You’ll want to use this treatment on a regular basis.
Our Bali Flowers and Garum Laut Sea Salt are good for people with dry skin. It removes the dead skin and makes room for luscious new skin. The Bali flowers are slightly aromatic and give a pleasant scent to the concoction.
If you want to work on recirculation and get a systemic boost, this spa treatment is a good choice. It’s also good for clients who are detoxifying, dieting or losing weight. It will help stimulate the metabolism and the body in general.
We want you to use our Bali Flowers and Garum Laut Sea Salt to help improve your circulation and your flow. It’s a spiritual treatment as well as a spa treatment. We want you to bring body, mind and spirit together. Om Suasti Astu – peace in your heart and in the world – is a Balinese greeting that we use as our motto. We want you to use it to take your skin to the next level.
Please take a short few minutes to learn more about this calming and uplifting tradition by watching the video below!