Bali Spa Experience Package

$ 372.50 $ 396.00

Experience Bali bliss in the comforts of your own home or spa studio. This package includes all of our Bali-inspired herbal traditions offering you a true tropical and healing spa experience. Great addition to any spa practitioners or massage therapist's practice.

Package Includes:

Imported hand-detailed, aluminum Bali Foot Soak Bowl (retail $75)

Total of six 4oz Organic Oils; one of each herbal tradition (Bali Flowers, Coconilla, Jasmine Frangipani, Thai Lemongrass, Island Fruits, and Ginger Spice) (retail $117)

Your choice of one 16oz Organic Body Scrub (retail $80)

16oz Bali Flowers (Garum Laut) Bali Sea Salt and Flower Petal Foot Soak Blend (retail $80)

Balinese Massage DVD (retail $45) *not pictured*


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