Balinese Massage DVD

$ 45.00

From the ancient traditions of Indonesia, the island of Bali holds a history rich with healing and massage therapy. JAMU Balinese Massage, also known as Indonesian Massage or “pijat,” celebrates the historical influences of the island nation of Indonesia. JAMU is a meditative massage modality. The techniques of Balinese Massage are influenced by Chinese (Tui-Na & Acupressure), Hindu Dharma (documented in Bali), Ayurvedic and European (use of oil, and long strokes after dry strokes) systems of healing, and as a modality is a very unique massage experience. This Balinese Massage and Spa Ritual course is documented and taught by Kim Collier, LMT, Esth, HHP, and founder of JAMU Spa Rituals. 

More information on JAMU and organic spa rituals for on-site education programs available by email at

*Viewing this DVD does not qualify to practice as a licensed professional.

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